Constipation during your mestruation

Just before and during menstruation, constipation and other alterations in bowel movements are quite normal. They are usually caused by regular fluctuations in hormone levels.

Although it may be annoying, constipation during your period is quite common. You should not worry, as long as you do not experience any other disturbing symptoms, such as severe pain or blood in the stool.

Why it happens?

Experts are not entirely sure what causes period constipation, as with many other menstrual symptoms. However, changes in progesterone and estrogen are probably a contributing element. Underlying circumstances may also be involved.

  • Hormonal changes

Progesterone accumulates in the body before the onset of menstruation. This can slow digestion and cause constipation before and during the period.

Another hypothesis holds that the real cause is the increase in estrogen.

  • Underlying conditions

Constipation during menstruation is also more likely if you have certain medical problems. For example, having endometriosis or irritable bowel syndrome can increase the chances of constipation during menstruation, especially in the first few days.

If your menstruation is very painful, you are also more likely to be constipated.